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Principles of Dressage Albrecht, Kurt 1991 Dressage L10.50
Complete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small Ambrosiano, Nancy 1994 12 Sheds and Barns
The Man and His Training Methods Balkenhol, Klaus 2007 Philosophy of Classical and Competitive Dressage 29.95
101 Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider Ballou, Jec A. 2005 Classical Principles Explained in Detail 24.95
Dressage for the New Age Barbier, Dominique 1994 Relaxed and Natural Oneness
The Man and His Method Baucher, Francois 1992 Dismounted Suppling 39.95
When Two Spines Align (see also DVD How Riders work) Baumert, Beth Positive Tension, Balance, Coordination 29.95
Yoga for Equestrians Benedik, Linda 2002 Conscious Riding and Illus. Excercises $9.95
Thinking with Horses Blake, Henry 1977 Horse Psychology 24.99
Mounted Games and Gymkhanas British Horse Society 1977 Games on Horseback 28.00
Dressage from A to X Burkhardt, Barbara 1999 Dressage Guide for Competition 19.95
Ultimate Guide to Horse Riding Callery, Emma Ed. 2004 All Disciplines
Deciphering Dressage Davis, Karen Leigh 2005 Comprehensive Guide to Dressage
The Athletic Development of the Dressage Horse de Kunffy, Charles 1992 Manege Patterns $7.95
Dressage Questions Answered de Kunffy, Charles 1985 Interm and advanced riders 14.95
Give Your Horse a Chance d’Endrödy, A.L. 1959 Eventing, Show Jumping
 Complete Book of Bits and Bitting Edwards, Elwyn History and Today
Horses and Horsemanship Ensminger, M. 1977 Comprehensive Handbook L25.00
Lameness, 1022 pages Equine Research 2005 Recognizing and Treating lameness L2.95
Intermediate Dressage French Blake, RLV 1977 2nd /3rd Levels 24.95
Trickonometry Fletcher, Carol 2002 Secrets of Teaching Horses Tricks
The Athletic Horse Foster, Carol 1986 Eventing L 6.95
Visions of Dressage Furth, Elizabeth 1998 Artistic Photos of Classical and Competition Dressage 19.95
The Principles of Riding Book 1 German Nat. Equestrian Fed. 1990 Basic Training 21.95
Advanced Techniques of Riding German Nat. Equestrian Fed. 1986 German Training System 14.95
Course Design and Construction Gordon Watson, Mary 1987 Cross Country 19.95
Dressage Explained Green, Carol 1977 Horseman’s Handbook L19.99
Lessons with Lendon Grey, Lendon 2003 Common Sense Approach 19.95
Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook Griffin, James MD 1989 Medical
Dressage Hamilton, Kate 1987 Approach to Competition 15.95
Grooming to Win Harris, Susan 1991 Groom, Trim, Braid and Prepare for Show
US Pony Club Manual and Horsemanship Vol. 1-3 Harris, Susan 1996 Basic, Interm, Advanced 39.95
The Saddle in Theory and Practice Hartley Edwards, Elwyn 1990 Historical Discourse 37.95
A-Z of Horse Diseases and Health Problems Hawcroft, Tim 1990 Signs Diagnoses Causes Treatment 20.00
Balanced Riding Henriques, Pegotty 1990 Correct Seat 17.95
Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage Hill, Cherry 1990 Facilities Design Management 24.95
How to Think like a Horse Hill, Cherry 2006 Essential for Understanding Why Horses Do what they Do 27.50
Picture Guides Tack, Trimming, First Aid Holderness-Roddam, Jane 2000 35.00
Equine Massage Hourdebaight, Jean-Pierre 1997 A Practical Guide $12.96
Bit and the Reins, Developing Contact and Sensitive Hands Kapitzke, Gerhard 2001 Bits and Basic Training Outline45.00
Long Reining Karl, Philippe 1992 Teaching advanced Dressage Movements 27.95
You Can Train Your Horse to do Anything Karrasch, Shawna & Vinton 2000 Target, Clicker Training $5.95
The Better Horse Kidd, Jane 1984 Breeding and Training for Sport
Cavaletti Klimke, Reiner 1969 Schooling over Ground Rails 39.95
The Tao of Equus Kohanov, Linda 2001 A Woman’s Journey of Healing
Pferdeland Hannover Köhler, Hans Joachim 1979 German language – Photobook on the Hanoverian breed 7.00
Dressage Solutions Kottas-Heldenberg, Arthur 2014 From basic paces to high school, corrections of rider and horse 13.00
Dressage with Kyra Kyrklund, Kyra 2009 Two-Way Communication 15.95
The Handbook of Riding Essentials Lemaire de Ruffieu, Francois 1986 Aids, Step by Step
An Illustrated Guide to Dressage Loriston-Clarke, Jennie 1987 Sequence Shots
The Complete Guide to Dressage Loriston-Clarke, Jennie 1987 How to Achieve Hamony, Step-by-step Sequence 24.95
Perfect Horsekeeping Lyons, John 1999 Advise on Tack and Barn
Private Lessons Lyons, John 2000 Care and Training
Magner’s Classic Encyclopedia of the Horse Magner, D. 2004 over 950 illustrations 27.95
Dressage Marshall, Léonie 1993 Training/Excercises for Competition $17.95
Bodywork for Horses McBane, Susan 2005 Massage, Shiatsu, Hydro-, Magnet-Therapy 14.95
Horse Facts McBane, Susan 1991 Communication, Behavior, Origins and Color Guide 14.95
Understanding Horse Behavior McDonnell, Sue 1999 Health Care and Management
Ultimate Horse Care McEwen, John BVetMed 2000 Complete Veterinary Guide $9.95
Complete Horse Riding Manual Micklem, William 2003 Comprehensive Guide to Jumping, Eventing and Dressage 29.95
Horsewatching Morris, Desmond 1988 Expression, Bodylanguage, Social Behavior 19.95
Hunter Seat Equitation Morris, George H. 1990 System of Teaching and Riding the Hunt Seat 24.95
5-Minute Fixes to Improve your Riding Murdoch, Wendy 2010 simple Solutions for Better Position and Performance L16.95
Riding Logic Müseler, W. 1976 German Training System
Common Sense Dressage O’Connor, Sally 1990 Illustrated Guide to Dressage L5.95
Riding Contact Pastene, Alexander 1987 Equipment /Mental side 19.95
Modern Eventing with Phillip Dutton Phillip Dutton Training, Conditioning, and Competing in all 3 Phases 26.95
Dressage Tips and Training Solutions Plewa, Martin et al 1995 German Training System
Complete Training of Horse and Rider Podhajsky, Alois 1968 Principles Spanish Riding School 14.95
Horse Follow Closely Pony Boy, Gawani 1998 Native American Horsemanship
Chosen by a Horse Richards, Susan 2006 How a Broken Horse Fixed a Broken Heart 39.95
The Longeing Book Richter, Judy 1986 Training 29.95
Ohne Huf kein Pferd Rödder, Fritz 1969 German language – Hoof Care 28.95
The Lame Horse Rooney, Dr. James 1974 Causes Symptoms Treatment 27.95
The Seamless Seat Schmitt, Kathleen 2006 Creating the Ideal Connection 26.95
Tendon and Ligament Injuries Schultz, Linda DVM 2004 Medical 24.95
Anatomy of Riding Schusdziarra, H M.D 1978 Dressage and Anatomy $7.95
Trailers, How to Tow and Maintain Smith, M.M. 1982 Mechnical Guide 27.95
Stark Reality Stark, Ian 2000 Eventing Photographs
Practical Schooling Stevens, Michael 1995 Improve Horse and Rider 24.95
Schooling Young Horses Storl, Werner 1991 27.50
Centered Riding 3 copies Swift, Sally 1985 Creative Images that Transcend Mechanics 17.99
The Less-Than-Perfect Horse Thelwall, Jane 1988 Eventing – Problems and Solutions
There are no Problem Horses, Only Problem Riders Twelveponies, Mary 1982 Problems and Solutions
Rider & Horse Back to Back von Dietze, Susanne 2009 Mobile, Stable Core 40.00
The Natural Rider Wanless, Mary 1987 Visualization /Sports Psychology
Ride with your Mind Wanless, Mary 1991 Right Brain Riding 29.95
Ride with your Mind – Essentials Wanless, Mary 2010 Innovative Learning Strategies 25.00
Dressage School Werth, Isabel 2009 Sourcebook of Movements and Tips 39.95
Understanding Nervousness in Horse and Rider Williams, Moyra 1990 Turning Fear into Fun 29.95
Cross Country with Jim Woffort Woffort, Jim 2006 Training Principles
Storey’s Guide to Feeding Horses Worth, Melyni 2003 Nutrition, Storage, Tips, Psture


How Riders Work: Riding in Balance Baumert, Beth DVD Dressage Dynamics 34.95
Dressage in Detail Part 1 Klimke, Reiner Dr. Loosening & Trot Work, Half halts, Walk Pirourette
Dressage in Detail Part 2 Klimke, Reiner Dr. Canter, Counter Canter, Simple Change, Rein Back
Dressage in Detail Part 3 Klimke, Reiner Dr. Fitting and Work in the Double Bridle
Training with Kyra Kyrklund Vol. 3 Kyrklund, Kyra Horse’s Outline and Collection
Training with Kyra Kyrklund Vol. 4 Kyrklund, Kyra Lateral Movements
Training with Kyra Kyrklund Vol. 6 Kyrklund, Kyra Advanced Movements – Canter
Sensitive ‘Schooling for the less than perfect Horse Loch, Sylvia Gaits, Bend and Transitions
Equine Massage for Performance Horses Masterson, Jim
Train with Jane Vol. 1-4 Savoie, Jane Teach your Horse: Forward, Straight, Supple, Lateral Work
Prepare to Win vol. 1 Basic Level Schumacher, Conrad Dressage System
On The Levels – DVD USEF 2014 Current Dressage Tests 29.95
Gymnastic Patterns Vol. 1 Webb, Leslie
Gymnastic Patterns Vol. 2 Webb, Leslie
Gymnastic Patterns Vol. 3 Webb, Leslie